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My Story

Hi my name is Dee and baking has been a passion of mine since I was 9 years old. It all started with a delicious pound cake my grandmother baked but I was too shy to ask her for the recipe. I began at that age trying to duplicate the taste which also piqued my interest for baking cookies and pies.  When life became demanding my baking utensils were put on the shelf for some time. Now that life has allotted me some spare time I'm back with excitement indulging in my passion exploring and learning the art and science of baking. 


Home Baked with Joy

 I enjoy a good freshly home baked treat now and then and since it brings me so much joy while I'm baking why not share that same delicious treat with those who prefer that down home flavor too. Every baked good I make deserves my best. When I taste my homemade sweets I'm thinking  I want to  perfect this treat so I could enter it into a state fair baking contest...lol!


Your Smile

Everyone smiles whether on the inside or outside when they are enjoying a sweet treat. A treat that dazzles you with it's taste and presentation. I aim to bake you a smile. You can be assured that sharing my baked treats and your smile make for a sweet memory for the both of us.

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Sweet and Dazzling is a home-based bakery business licensed by Solano County as a Cottage Food Operation. All baked goods are freshly homemade with natural ingredients. See you at some of the local festivities.